By using our specialised suction pump dredger we are able to undertake all works with minimum damage to any plants and wildlife. Fish and waterfowl are similarly unaffected, making our system ideal for fishing lakes. In fact we have so little impact on the habitat that ducks and birds often use our dredger as a floating island while we are dredging!


The first stage in our process involves excavating a series of lagoons next to the watercourse to be dredged. These will be used as holding and settlement lagoons. Using our dredgers the silt laden water is pumped from the water course into these lagoons. Once the silt has settled the clear water is then returned to the original source. After completion the silt can then be spread over the fields leaving very little evidence of us ever having been there.


We used this process to great effect when we were contracted to take part in the restoration of a historic lake at Warnford Park.

Stage 1 - Constructing the settlement lagoons


Stage 2 - Pumping silt laden water into the lagoons

pumping pipes

Stage 3 - Leaving the silt to settle before returning clear water.